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             Minutes for Temple High Riverfront Mural  

                            Committee Meeting

Bethel A.M.E. Church

January 19, 2008


The meeting was opened at 4:45 by the co-chairperson, Dorwin Shields.  Devotion was led by Willie Glasper.


The secretary read the Minutes; it was moved and properly seconded by Tillman, John, and Gwen that the Minutes be accepted as read.


First on the agenda for discussion was the financial report, given by the financial secretary, Velma Bunch.  She reported a total of $12,410.00.


Classes reported as follows:

1959           $ 1,105

1960           $ 1,300

1961           $    500

1962           $ 1,700

1963           $    100 (donation in memory of

                                   ’63 classmate-Patricia Segrest)

1964           $ 1,400

1965           $    100

1966           $ 1,500

1967           $ 1,875

1968           $ 1,300

1969           $    900

1970            $ 1,300

1971           $ 1,300


Gloria Harris stated that the class of 1971 will be donating $600 more this week.


Linda Sandles read a letter from Dr. Arlette Miller Smith, class of ‘67,

commending the committee for the historical vision of the mural.


Total contributions to date for the mural is $15,600.  Due to the fact that some members present had other donations readily accessible to be turned in, the co-chairperson stated that he and the financial secretary would deliver the $16,500 to the overall mural coordinator, Nellie Caldwell, next week.


Gloria Harris, class of 1971, stated that she had spoken with BG Crear and he asked her to inform the committee that Nellie said that the space for the Temple mural would be #13, across from the Motor Vessel MISSISSIPPI IV.  He also informed that if the $16,500 would be delivered next week, the artist would begin painting the mural spring 2008.


(This statement caused loud applause and excitement).  (HOOAH!!!)


The co-chairperson asked that we still encourage others to donate because funds are needed for the Dedication and the Reception.


Willie Glasper, class of ’70, asked that any funds received from a ’70 classmate be delivered to him for replacement into the class’ treasury.


Next on the agenda was the discussion of images for the mural. Tillman Whitley stated that he had assisted the artist with the other two African-American murals; he said that he had given Dafford (the contract artist) pictures for them out of the Jacqueline House.


He also stated that the historical committee will meet to discuss the history of Temple High and gain insight as to what the mural should look like and bring these ideas back to the committee for further discussion and final decision.


It was mentioned (again) that someone would like to have Bowman High or Magnolia High included in the mural.  These ideas are not, were not, and will not be a part of this mural project.  The initial project was to sponsor a mural for Rosa A. Temple High School.


Willie Glasper moved that a motion be made that the mural consists of one school:  Rosa A. Temple High.  It was motioned and properly seconded that the mural be of Temple High only.


The co-chairperson asked that a second co-chairperson be added to the list of officers.  Elijah Johnson, class of 1959 was nominated for the position.  It was motioned and properly seconded that Elijah Johnson serve as second co-chairperson of the Rosa A. Temple High Riverfront Mural Committee.  Elijah’s name will also be added to the bank account for this committee.


Other members were added to the history committee also.  The history committee includes:


Tillman Whitley, Chair

Bobbie Bass

Robert Walker

Elijah Johnson

Rita Wyatt

Mary Logan

Johnnie B. Johnson

Zelmarine Murphy

Willie Glasper

Brigadier General Robert Crear


The history committee planned to meet at the American Legion Hut on Main Street, Saturday, January 26.


The next meeting for the mural committee was scheduled for February 2, 4:30 p.m., King Solomon Baptist Church.


The meeting adjourned at 5:55 with closing prayer by Elijah Johnson.


Dorwin Shields, 1st Co-Chairperson

Shirley Smith, Recording Secretary






Minutes for Temple High Riverfront Mural    

                           Committee Meeting

                              January 5, 2008


The meeting was opened at 5:30 by the co-chairperson, Dorwin Shields, prayer was rendered by Rev. Alonzo Jones.


The Minutes were read and it was motioned by Deborah Potts that they be approved, Alonzo Jones seconded.


First on the agenda was the discussion of chairperson.  Dorwin suggested that the committee retain Bertha Flaggs’ name as chairperson pending approval by her family per Eugene Durman.

Dorwin asked for a Motion that Bertha’s name remain as chairperson, it was Motioned and seconded by Shirley Smith.


Next on the agenda was the financial report by the financial secretary, Velma Bunch who gave the following report:


$6,860.00 has already been delivered to the overall chairperson, Nellie Caldwell, and includes some of the total money from classes below.


Totals for classes are:

1959           $    815   

1960           $ 1,200             

1961           $       0                                                  

1962           $ 1,300

1963           $       0

1964           $ 1,300

1965           $    100

1966           $ 1,300

1967           $ 1,525

1968           $ 1,300

1969           $    225

1970           $       0

1971           $ 1,300

                   $ 1,220 - Donations from Friends


                  $11,585- Total-to-date for Mural 



BG Crear stated that the class of 1971 is ready to assist with further donations to accomplish our goal of $16,500.  Linda Sandles also stated that the class of 1967 will be making further donations in memory of deceased chairperson Bertha Flaggs.


Next on agenda was the discussion of an account being set up for funds received above the $16,500 which will go towards the Dedication and Reception.


The committee agreed that the names on the account should be the Velma Bunch-financial secretary, Deborah Potts-assistant financial secretary, and Dorwin Shields-co-chairperson.


Abraham Green suggested that the account be opened at a non-interest bearing bank.  Trustmark and BanCorp are both non-interest bearing institutions, it was motioned by BG Crear and seconded by Eugene Durman that the account be setup at Trustmark.


It was stated by the co-chairperson that after the mural is completed, and the Dedication and Reception are held, that the account will be closed.


Remarks were made and questions asked about the image of the mural and the secretary stated that the committee agreed to table that discussion until the $16,500 has been paid and the committee would have a special meeting to discuss the mural.  It was stated that all persons who contributed towards the $16,500 would be welcome to submit ideas for the Temple High mural.


It was also reiterated that only one final sketch for the mural would be accepted by the artist, Dafford. 


BG Crear, class of 1971, currently serving as Commander of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Mississippi Valley Division, announced his military retirement by reading his retirement statement effective February 2008. 


Closing prayer was rendered by Elijah Johnson and the meeting adjourned at 6:15.


Dorwin Shields, Co-Chairperson

Shirley Smith, Recording Secretary






Rosa A. Temple Class of 1965

P. O. Box 822446

Vicksburg, MS 39182

                                          December 12, 2007




We trust that your Thanksgiving holidays were blessed, and wishing you a joyous Christmas season.


During our annual Christmas gathering/meeting, the following was discussed and approved by the planning committee:


v     Annual dues are twenty dollars,($20.00), and we are still accepting past due dues.


v     A good portion of our finances have been used for condolences for deceased classmates, spouses, mothers, fathers, and children.  In the future, we can only extend this courtesy to active paying members.


v     Rosa A. Temple classes of 1959-1971, are collecting funds from each class, to have a mural of the school painted on the Riverfront.  Suggestions for the mural included drawings of the school, Mr. Simon Kemp’s Buccaneer Bus, the Buccaneer mascot, the school band, etc.  All final decisions for the mural will be made by the Rosa A. Temple Riverfront Committee.


v     Each graduating class from 1959-1971, is ask to pay thirteen hundred dollars, ($1,300), to defer the cost of the project.  The project will cost sixteen thousand-five hundred dollars,($16,500).


v     We are asking each classmate to make a minimum donation of twenty-five dollars,($25.00), toward the mural project.


v     In that the project’s deadline completion date is July 2008, we are setting a deadline of December 31, for receipt of your donation(s).


v     Please make all checks payable to:  Rosa A. Temple Class of 1965.  Indicate whether your monies are for the mural, dues, or both.


v     Send all correspondence to:  Rosa A. Temple Class

                                                  of 1965

                                                           P. O. Box 822446

                                                           Vicksburg, MS 39182


    Again we wish you a Merry Christmas, and a prosperous New Year.


                                                                               Rosa A.

                                                         Temple Class of 1965

                                                          Planning Committee